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Learn Guitar at Music Of The Spheres School of Improvisation.
Zen Principles to Enhance Performance and Creativity.

  • To discuss private guitar lessons, please phone John Mizarolli on 07958 427 236

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  • John is an electric guitar player with an innovative guitar school of thought. A pioneer in music and an energy philosophist. Using quantum and spiritual principles he has created a totally new mode of perceiving sound. His guitar lessons, private music courses and unique zen approach to improvisation were recognised by the Uk Guitar Magazines as far back as 1987. Courses at Music Of The Spheres have been researched for 40 years and have different musical purposes.

  • John has documented an innovative guitar and music theory in the form of 'Chromasonics'. Advanced music theory for songwriting, contemporary harmony and infinite creative music output. Learn guitar techniques on the cutting edge, frontier motor skills, advanced finger exercises and futuristic fusion concepts.

  • Private tuition is at a recording studio in north west london fully kitted out for professional music course production. To improve guitar and musicianship is a serious science and art. Zen level knowledge is not to be taken lightly if you are ambitious! Symphonic orchestration, freeform jazz theory and mastery of music technology can be extremely effective in any style of music.

  • Each guitar session includes guitar techniques and music theory. High quality information targeting each guitarists needs. 27000 guitarists have enrolled so far!

    Lessons for beginners who want to learn guitar -
    1) But have absolutely no experience whatsoever.
    2) And have dabbled on their own by learning riffs and licks from various guitar
        tab sites and guitar mags.
    3) Have tried a classical guitar seminar but hated the approach.

    Guitar Lessons for Intermediate Guitarists who want to improve and have -
    1) Had no gigging or band experience whatsoever.
    2) Done gigs and rehearsed with bands.
    3) Not gigged but have been recording at home.
    4) Not gigged but have been recording in Studios.
    5) Gigged and want to improve live performances.
    6) Gigged but only ever played rhythm and want to improve their live performances     by now becoming a lead player as well.
    7) Gigged but now want to get much more serious in musical terms!

    Advanced Guitar Performers who are Stadium Level but need more -
    1) Musical Power.
    2) Theoretical Knowledge.
    ) Ideas for Songwriting.
    4) Technique and Stamina for higher Performance.

    Advanced Lesson for Guitarists who are Session Musicians but need more -
    1) Ideas for Recording.
    2) Chord Knowledge for Embellishments.
    3) Innovative Rhythmic Chops.
    4) Deeper understanding of Polyphony.
    5) 1-Off Guitar Course to advance recording techniques or brush-up tone, theory,     performance, motor skills and performance.
    6) Useful guitar lessons sites. A few links you can visit. It is wise to research     different guitarists methods.
    7) Guitar Lessons Fusion Concepts.
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